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Episode 7 (Fire in the sky) - what silly thing they showed us when autobots drove to Northern Pole in a very short time. Their journey would've taken about a month!

Episode 10 (War of the dinobots) - dinobots transformation sequence, instead of transforming to humanoid form they become dinosaurs after fighting with each other.

Episode 18 (Changing gears) - again, autobots went to South Africa... they got there very quickly - how??? They drove there not a week or two, but seems only one day. Where is their base located anyway? Seems that in one of America's continents which proves their trip to be impossible.

Episode 21 (Traitor) - autobots send patrols and surveillance teams to know what decepticons do. Why they do so when they have Teletran 1 which dealt with those kind of tasks very efficiently in the earlier episodes?

Episode 26 (Enter the Nightbird) - Starscream's transformations are all messed up with coloring and sequence itself.

Episode 37-38 (Desertion of the dinobots) - in the end of the 37th episode Shockwave shot at the doors of the space bridge and there was an explosion; the beginning of the 38th episode discards that and he shoots with a ray which makes things disappear.

I think that Cybertron hasn't got atmosphere in its present state. Thus there is no oxygen. Even if there was atmosphere why there should be the right amount and mixture of oxygen for Spike and Carly to breathe? Bullshit, they'd die there the moment they stood the ground. 

Who built the space bridge's gate near the autobots' base? Sparkplug alone? I don't think so. Bullshit!

Episode 39 (Blaster blues)  - how did the stationary parts of Omega Supreme got on the Moon? He flew there as a rocket and when he landed all the landing-launching complex was already there... must be some kind of teleportation......

Episode 42 (The god gambit) - Saturn's satellite Titan is inhabited?! Oh, I never heard of that... On the contrary, I heard it has no life on it and it can't have it in this Universe!

How come that Titanians speak the same English Earthlings speak? That was a fine joke: "What planet are you on?" - asked Optimus. "Planet? I don't know the word." - answered Taluria. So she doesn't know a word "planet", yet she knows other English words and grammar very well...

Episode 44 (Child's play) - again, another planet very far from our planetary system and yet its intelligent inhabitants use English language! Disgusting how scriptwriters don't even try to give us a reason why autobots and decepticons can speak with those aliens.

How do you think how many years autobots will travel back to Earth on that toy spaceship Erin gave them?

Episode 45 (Quest for survival) - Cosmos was in the tentacles of morphobots for so long and almost had no damages to him, while insecticons were destroyed (eaten) instantly when they got near the morphobots. Aren't they choosy? Yet autobots said that they eat any robotic life forms... hmm... scriptwriters make fools of children again.

Episode 46 (The secret of Omega Supreme) - Again some bullshit - they show us that millions of years ago  back on Cybertron constructicons  transformed into nowadays Earth's hard trucks and tractors and other heavy moving equipment. Doh! By the way, even fatter bullshit is the entire episode! And you know why? Because constructicons were made on Earth! By Megatron and his team in some caves and we have a pretty blunt line about that in the episode where they were first introduced. Megatron said about constructicons after they've returned from their mission: "They were worth the time we spent building them in these caverns". I started to think that maybe I was wrong with my non-native English listening skills, but I played the episode "Heavy metal war" (the last of the first season) again, searched the scene and have a good proof that the scriptwriters are assholes!

Why the hungry monster was satisfied with his meal in the end and flew off to outer space instead of turning back to Earth and continue living there and eating or something? It was outright stupid, he ate his "asteroid" shell in seconds and simply flew off...

Episode 47 (The gambler) - where to autobots flew in the rocket? How come aliens speak English? How come they have the same playing cards symbols? Why that alien captain knew that autobots were called autobots? If he knew about autobots already, then why was he amazed when Smokescreen transformed? Why English is used even on alien street signs on an inhabited asteroid?

We see autobots pulled in the Astrotrain in his space shuttle form. After that he transforms to his humanoid form and becomes much smaller of course. So I suppose autobots inside him should be crumbled during the transformation and then squeezed to death when Astrotrain got smaller. But they will be alright, because the next scene they are standing outside!

Episode 48 (Kremzeek!) - So in this Universe only the Japanese and some alien lizardman Slizardo from "The Gambler" episode speak their own languages and not English. By the way, earlier in the series in the episode about Nightbird Japanese scientist spoke English normally. This time another scientist speaks with an accent.

Episode 49 (Sea change) - again and again the most used language in the Universe is English! Hurray! Every planet speaks it! The most faraway corner of the most distant galaxy uses ENGLISH! I'm tired of that. Another issue with this and other episodes is time of intergalactic travels. As it is shown it's nothing, piece of cake for decepticons and autobots to travel space. If their comrades Cosmos and Astrotrain have such power supply units that allow them to have such a good performance output, then why not installing those engines to other trans formers? It would solve their eternal problem of ever dropping energy supply. Not for ever, but they could be active on Earth or in the borders of some planet for much-much longer than in their present state. Let me be clear: I want this series to be sci-fi, not a stupid show for stupid kids or for making kids stupid.

Why those rebellious inhabitants didn't transform to mighty metal creatures or anything else able to defeat decepticon droids earlier? So they are plainly stupid people! Poor them.

Episode 53 (The search for Alpha Trion) - isn't it blatantly stupid for robots to build another robot and give him traits of an old human being?

Episode 54 (The girl who loved Powerglide) - I clearly remember that earlier in the series Megatron could very easily extract information from human brain by touching a human's head with his palm and emitting some purple glowing. Now he has to turn to some psycho-something machine to try to know what's in the head of a woman. He never succeeds in that try. Facepalm.

Seems that the most fashionable hat in the series' world is a hardhat! It's everywhere, everybody wears it. Well, only Astaria (the girl who loved Powerglide) wore some dumb-looking flying saucer hat.

Episode 56 (The key to Vector Sigma, part 1) - Strange that Megatron needs to go to Cybertron to give "life" to stunticons. COnstructicons were alright without it. Why autobots decided to go to Cybertron by Omega Supreme? Earlier they came and went as they liked using decepticons' space bridge. Even Spike used it when he wanted. Now they go by rocket, well ok, but how did they got there so quickly, almost right after Megatron and the company? Megatron used instant movement through the space bridge, so autobots can't have arrived so quickly!

Episode 57  (The key to Vector Sigma, part 2) -  aerialbots says something that most of the other autobots can't fly... that's not true because they flew on par with the decepticons in earlier episodes. They began to use jetpacks and fly on their own power much less later, that's also true, but that's just a stupidity of scriptwriters, not autobots' guilt.

Why while being chased by an aerial autobot hadn't Megatron hidden the key to Vector Sigma inside of his body like he did with some other things earlier? That way he could escape losing the key. Stupid scriptwriters making children also stupid.

Episode 58 (Aerial assault) - It is very funny, those who drew this episode forgot about what happened in it. Slingshot got broken and then repaired with a radiator part from a car. That part was instead of his chest plate. So after he got that installed he was drawn with his own chest plate until the end of the episode. In the end the conversation went to that radiator part and it miraculously appeared on him! Then disappeared and then again appeared. What a shit.

Episode 59 (War dawn) - the idea of female robots is good for nothing, not to mention the boyfriend/girlfriend relations between robots. It's utterly not logical. Actually there is another strange thing in this episode - Alpha Trion. This time he's "young"... which means he asked someone to make him "older" or did it himself at some point in time. Why would he wanted it? Why human concept of young/old at all?

Episode 62 (Starscream's brigade) - interesting thing, combaticons were first seen in the 58th episode and I wondered who were they. Now they tell us (scriptwriters) their story in this episode... The plot thickens after Starscream and his combaticons are banished from Earth on an asteroid. So even if we imagine that this episode is about the near past and actually precedes the 58th episode, then how combaticons returned from deep space back to Earth and started to serve Megatron?

Episode 76 (Thief in the night) - produced in the late 80s and showing us the year 2006 the series was wrong about Soviet Union which was torn part in 1991...

Ah, this has gone too far and I don't even want to comment on some stupid things, because I am tired to do that and there are too many stupidity and silliness in the TV series.

Episode 91 (Call of the primitives) - the best episode from the artistic point of view. Drawing and animation are good unlike all other episodes.

Episode 94 (The return of Optimus Prime) - in the episode 73 (Dark awakening) we all saw that Optimus and his ship were destroyed in the explosion, if not the Optimus has to be still damaged, but they take us as morons and he and his ship are totally fine.

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