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THE catfight joneko densetsu SIMPLE 2000 series Vol. 55
[ ] 30 Сентябрь/September 2009, 17:21

THE catfight joneko densetsu SIMPLE 2000 series Vol. 55 wikipedia

Review by kiwikevin
"Girl on girl brawling! Meow!"

The Catfight, or Joneko Densetsu, is part of a series of cheaply made ps2 games. Simple Series 2000 Vol 55 The Catfight originally retails for about 20 bucks, so dont expect a fighter with the graphics or mechanics of Tekken or Virtual Fighter. What this game boils down to is a silly all girl fighting game.

Graphics 7/10
The girls in the game all look different, except for two, and they all have a unique bikini and outfit, avaliable after beating the game. A total of 10 fighters are avaliable. The girls have great bodies that look smooth and sexy, and the facial animation is great. They move fairly smooth and only only jerk while running around the screen. There are a few weird things though, such as the boobs. The boobies in this game bounce in all sorts of directions. Sometimes its hot, but other times it looks like a boob job gone horriably wrong. One will be swirling in circles, while the other bounces up and down or doesnt move at all. All of the girls can wear each others outfits, which is a neat but cheap way to add more costumes to the game. The stages are decent. Only 4 are avaliable, and 3 of them are the same stage, just at different times of the day.

Sound 5/10
Each girl has her own voice and dialogue. The voices range from silly to cute and sexy. The sound effects are decent for the most part. The background music isnt bad, but it doesnt stand out as anything great either.

Gameplay 5/10
The combat controlls are a bit sluggish. Ok, make that very sluggish. Also, all of the girls have the same move list, and only a few moves are different. You can charge up a meter of hearts to unleash a SEXY attack, which does way more damage than it should. Very violent weapons, such as a chair, bat with nails proturding from it, a katana, and a machiene gun, are thrown into the ring to give you something extra to bash your opponent with. While its odd to see a cute lil girl shooting holes in another cute girl, the weapons add a bit of randomness to the dull fighting system, but they make whoever is holding them win very quick and easily. I would of also liked to see at least some blood spray out when your being bashed in the head with a bat full of rusty nails, but I guess thats overdoing it. Lastly, after you learn how to keep your opponent down, you can do the same 3 moves for a cheap and quick win.

Replay Value 7/10
Its actually fun beating the game with every girl to see all of their costumes and unlock the boss, but after beating it with everyone, you have to really want to see what each girl would look like wearing another girls costume pretty bad to beat it again with each girl 10 times each. Their are other modes like a watch and listen mode, survival, and more. These are actually cool as you can rotate the camera, listen to the girls talk, and watch them do all of their moves, stances, and other animations. It sucks that you cant zoom under their skirts or view close ups of their faces and chests.

While this game is definately not for everyone, I had a blast playing it. I guess I just have a thing for all girl fighting games, and now they they have assended to new hardware, such as the PS2, alot more can be done with them. I'm also a huge fan of Rumble Roses, a newer and more polished all girl wrestling game. Anyone reading this will think I'm a 13 year old little boy pervert who cant get a girl so I play these games to get off, while in fact I'm actually a 18 year old college student, and I am male. While I dont have a girlfriend, my boyfriend actually baught me this game because I was broke and begged him to. I just love quirky games, and pretty girls. So see, this game isnt just for pervs or 13 year olds. Its for anyone who wants a cheap but fun import game or for anyone who is a fan of all girl fighting games. While not as good as say Rumble Roses, Asuka 120, or Variable Geo, its better than Pretty Fighter and SNK girlfighter. And for the price, you cant go wrong.

Reviewer's Score: 7/10, Originally Posted: 01/26/05

Language - JAP

Media - PS2 disc image (.cue, .bin)




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